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Wellforce is a different kind of health system, a leader both locally and nationally in pushing the boundaries for what a health system can and should be. Our executive team works tirelessly to ensure that doctors have the tools they need to focus on their patients and that patients have the best services when and where they want them.  

    Norm Deschene
    CEO, Wellforce


   Michael Wagner, MD, FACP
   President and CEO, Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children


Alan Macdonald is the President and CEO of Hallmark Health System   Alan G. Macdonald
   President and CEO, Hallmark Health system


   Joseph (Jody) White, MBA, FACHE
   President and CEO, Circle Health
   President and CEO, Lowell General Hospital


   Deborah Joelson 
   Executive Vice President of Strategy, Wellforce
   Senior Vice President, Strategic Services, Tufts Medical Center


   Susan Green
   Executive Vice President and CFO, Wellforce
   Executive Vice President and CFO, Circle Health and Lowell General


Jeff Weinstein, General Counsel for Wellforce.   Jeffrey Weinstein
   Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Wellforce
   Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Tufts Medical Center


   William Shickolovich
   Senior Vice President and CIO, Wellforce
   Senior Vice President and CIO, Tufts Medical Center


Bobbi Carbone is the interim chief integration officer   Bobbi Carbone, MD
   Interim Chief Integration Officer, Wellforce



   Sabrina Granville, MBA
   Senior Vice President and CHRO, Wellforce
   Senior Vice President and CHRO, Lowell General Hospital


   Brooke Hynes
   Senior Vice President of Marketing Communications, Wellforce
   Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Tufts Medical Center


Jeff Gross is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Wellforce  Jeff Gross
  Senior Vice President of Business Development, Wellforce

Chris Johnson   Chris Johnson
   Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Wellforce
   Executive Director of Supply Chain, Tufts Medical Center


   Malisa Schuyler
   Vice President of Government Affairs, Wellforce
   Director of Government Relations, Tufts Medical Center

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