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5 Reasons Home Care is Essential

  1. Faster Patient Recovery: Studies show that patients recover more rapidly in the comfort of home, with control over their daily routines, in familiar surroundings, with family and friends. They sleep better, eat better, are more relaxed and often have family attentive to their needs.

  2. More Services Possible in the Home: More complex care can now be delivered in the home setting than was possible in previous years. Through technology, medical advances and staff training, we can now bring “the hospital to home” in many ways that were impossible before.

  3. Greater Patient Comfort: While hospitals are a valued and necessary service, recovering at home can protect patients from the infection risk, noise, sleep interruptions, diet changes, and increased weakness that can occur after staying in a hospital for an extended period of time.

  4. Focus on Health Goals: Health care at home offers one-on-one, undistracted treatment and teaching between the patient and clinician. At home, the patient decides which goals are most important to him/her, and there is time for individualized coaching toward achieving those goals. Clinicians have a more accurate understanding of the patient’s daily life conditions and the influence of the social determinants of health; they can refer the patient to community resources as needed. This is critical to Wellforce’s efforts to advance our population health initiatives.

  5. Cost Savings: Health care at home is much more cost effective than care in a hospital, skilled nursing or rehab facility. Excellent home care can decrease hospital readmissions and unnecessary trips to the emergency room. As Wellforce works to deliver the most affordable care and lower Total Medical Expenses (TME), helping people get the appropriate care at home is good for patients’ health and pocketbooks.

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