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It's a Wonderful Life: Get Moving During Holiday Movies

Holiday movie watching is a favorite tradition for many families. When the stress of the holidays hits, it is helpful to laugh at the antics of Buddy in Elf or Kevin in Home Alone. It takes us away from our worries, but too much TV watching after holiday-sized meals can cause us to gain weight or become lethargic. So, why not combine two great things: movies and movement. With these tips you can get moving while you are getting sentimental with It’s A Wonderful Life or getting the giggles with A Christmas Story.

Whenever you hear “Jingle Bells” or bells of any kind in the movie:

  •  check your posture- make sure you are sitting up or standing up straight

Whenever Santa Claus says “Ho Ho Ho”:

  •  do 10 shoulder rolls – keep your arms at your side and move both shoulders in circles backwards

When a character walks through a decorated doorway/archway:

  • do a deep diaphragmatic breath – breathe  through your nose deep into your belly, and slowly exhale

When you see a lit candle (real or fake):

  • do 10 mini- squats

When Rudolph’s nose is glowing red:

  • do 10 jumping jacks

When you see a decorated tree:

  • do 10 heel raises -- place your feet flat on the floor, raise your heels up off the floor so just the ball of your foot is touching the floor, then lower your heels back down

A non-movie related idea for holiday happiness:

When you are stopped in traffic or waiting forever in that mall line, instead of letting the stress get the better of you, think of one thing you appreciate about someone and tell them the next time you see them!

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