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Holiday Tips from Wellforce

The holidays are a magical time of year and there are so many ways to enjoy them. But they can also be a bit stressful and tempt us with some not so healthy habits.

The caregivers of Wellforce – experts from Tufts Medical Center, Floating Hospital for Children, Circle Health, Lowell General Hospital and Hallmark Health – want to make sure you have the best holiday possible. After all, we are dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy.

That's why we've provided the below practical (and even whimsical) advice from our fantastic doctors and nurses. Happy Holidays!

Reduce Stress

How to Decompress while on the go
Since we’re all extra busy around the holidays, we asked Wellforce staff members for tips on how to decompress while we’re on the go.
5 Meditation Apps we love
The holidays can be stressful, especially now that a lot of us have smartphones that seem to constantly alert us with notifications and distractions. While it’s always good to find some time to unplug and go tech free, our phones can actually be one of the greatest tools for de-stressing.
Night time in a town decorated for the holiday season
Seasonal Affective Disorder
The cold and dark during this time of year can get people down, but for some people the “winter blues” can reach extremes… this is known as seasonal affective disorder. Watch Dr. Alla Goldburt, a family medicine physician with Hallmark Health Medical Associates, discuss the causes, triggers and treatment options.
Give Yourself a Break: Setting priorities during the holidays
How do we stop the pressure, the stress, and the anxiety of the Holidays? How about stopping and taking a break from it all and giving ourselves a break, too? Here are some ideas from Wellforce.
Getting Through the Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One
When we think of the Holiday season, we tend to think of celebrations shared with friends, family, and loved ones. Many of us have long held traditions that are near and dear to us, that we look forward to each year. However, if you have recently lost a loved one or suffered a major loss, these celebrations and traditions will likely not be as happy or exciting this year.
Breathe Easier: Tai Chi inspired techniques
Holiday shopping and parties have you huffing and puffing around town? We recommend that you take some deep breaths instead and find time to relax.

Eating Healthy

Holidays Without the Guilt: 6 ways to love food and the holidays
Six tips for navigating the holidays while trying to stay healthy. Tips include drinking enough water, slowing down and giving yourself permission to cheat a bit on your diet during the holidays.
Special Diets and the Holiday Table
If you have a chronic condition that requires a specific diet, you can return the festivity to your holiday feast with a little preparation. All you need is a plan. Our team offers advice for navigating the holiday spread.
Comfort Foods: Fat-busting makeovers of traditional holiday dishes
Our dietitians help you modify favorite fall and winter comfort foods to make them fit into a healthy diet without causing weight gain.
Healthier Holiday Dishes
Our teams provide some of their favorite holiday recipes. Get healthy recipes for hot chocolate, mac and cheese and popular side dishes.
Smart Food: How to make good food decisions during the holidays
Do you want to make things a little healthier while still enjoying the traditions we want to uphold? A few changes can make a big difference. We provide ideas and easy swaps that can help you and your family enjoy all of the fun of the holiday season without overly indulging or being food-focused.


Tips to Get Moving During Holiday Movies
With these tips you can get moving while you are getting sentimental with It’s A Wonderful Life or getting the giggles with A Christmas Story.
Move to the Beat: 7 playlists to get exercising this holiday season
Workout boredom is one of the most common reasons that people fall off the bandwagon of their exercise routines. 7 great playlists to get moving this holiday season.


Spread Joy, Not Germs
We call the holidays the season of giving, and sometimes that doesn’t just mean gifts of gratitude. Along with toys and leftovers, we occasionally send our loved ones home with something no one wants – viruses that cause flu, norovirus or a common cold.
Winter Wonderland
When the weather outside is frightful, a visit to the hospital emergency room is not so delightful. Wellforce physicians provide tips on how to stay healthy and avoid injury this holiday season.

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